Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pictures from 05/29/2012 (Plymouth, IN)

The Willis. They are a really good family.
The Stancombes. Max is the Eight year that we taught.
The district hanging at the institute.
(From left to right) Elder Walker, Elder Thomas,
Elder Wilson, Elder Durrant, Sister Bankhead,
Sister Stanford, Sister Lamb, & Sister Barrett

The Stoddards. They are an awesome family.
Playing volleyball
That's me..

The Hills. Yet another great family.


E-mail 05/29/2012

Hello Wonderful family!
What an awesome week! We have been busy. Plus we got transfer calls.
We taught Frank this week. We brought a recent convert, Bro Hill, who is getting ready to go to the temple in June. We were a little late for the lesson, which was ok because Bro Hill and Frank were talking and sharing experiences. As Bro Hill was bearing testimony he taught the principle we planned to teach, which turned out great because he taught it simply and from his heart. It was a really good lesson.
We taught Bro Tom this last week. His life has calmed down so we were able to meet with him. He enjoys our visits and is becoming less and less cynical about spiritual matters. The ward council suggested that he and his wife watch sacrament meeting on BYU tv. This will be great for them since they are unable to attend church. They will feel the Spirit as they watch it.
Elder Durrant is getting transferred. I am leaving this great area to go to another good area. I have had a lot of fun serving here. I love Elder Walker too. He is a good companion and a great friend.
As we were trying by one of our future investigators, he needed help putting up a dog kennel so we were able to help him with that. It went up really easy and we were able to set up an appointment for the following week. He has a blood hound puppy and it is so cute.
We provided a lot of service this week. We helped someone move. We helped build a kennel. We helped at a soup kitchen. We washed walls. It has been a good week. We had a lot of good lessons as well, in which we took members to. It is absolutely essential to have members at lessons. They help in the investigators conversion in so many ways. The only thing better would be to have the lesson in that members home.
I love you all and next week I will be in a new place and loving every second of it. May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

Monday, May 21, 2012

E-mail 05/21/2012

Hello oober awesome family!
This week has been really awesome. It feels like I have been out of my area a lot, but we have been able to get a lot of good things done.
We taught Kylie and her mom the plan of salvation this last week. The dad grabbed his computer and sat in the next room over. He was "working" on his lap top, but he was listening to everything we were saying and teaching. It seems like he wants to hear what we have to say without being directly focused on. We asked Kylie why she wanted to be baptized. She said because she knows a lot of people at church and because her mom is a member. This initial desire of hers will help us help her gain a conversion through the Holy Ghost.
Brother Tom has been busy with work, he is a teacher, thus this is a busy time for him, so we have not been able to meet with him. Hopefully this next week.
Mission conference was amazing. The whole mission was there, all in the same building. It was quite the sight. Elder Parker, of the sixth quorum of the seventy spoke to us. He is from down south and has a baptist background. If the way he spoke is how all the baptist churches are. Then I can see why people like going to them. He had a deep southern accent and he said many good things.
President and Sister Collins spoke to us as well. They said we are the best missionaries in the world. They love us and we love them.
Elder Anderson was amazing. I felt like the people of Gideon in Alma chapter seven. He spoke to us about the Atonement. Not many things are better than a Special Witness of Jesus Christ teaching about the Atonement. He told us we are teachers of the unseen. First Corinthians four eight. We teach not temporal things, but those that cannot be seen by the mortal eye. The Spirit, charity, hope, etc, etc. It was very good.
This week has been pretty much awesome! I love you all!
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pictures 05/14/2012 (Plymouth, IN)

A Buddhist temple
That's me!
A sign, it gives information
Being a district leader

E-mail 05/14/2012

Hello wonderful family!
This week has been awesome. It was nice to talk with you by the way.
The lesson we had with Bro Tom was really awesome. The hurtle we are preparing to jump once he is ready to be baptized is how to get him to church. His wife has MS so she is confined to bed and he doesn't want to leave her alone. The buses don't really run on Sunday so we are trying to figure out how to get him to church. Then the other day we thought, what if we take church to him? We could skype it to him. We are discussing it with the ward council to see if it's possible and appropriate. He is a really good guy.
We helped one of our investigators, Frank, paint his house. He told us we did a good job. I said my mom would be pleased. Painting is fun. I didn't get any on my cloths eighter. weird. But I did get it on my hands so that's better.
A member in our ward let us into Sam's club so that we could shop. She then got a call; her husband was in a roll over accident. She left to go get him. He only received two broken ribs and several bruises. He was very fortunate. They have a son on a mission.
This week has been awesome. I love you all. May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pictures 05/07/2012 (Plymouth, IN)

You can call this what you will.
Ramen creation #4
Uncle Bob, our landlord.
The Jacksons
Bow tie rock
(don't worry, it didn't leave the apartment.)
Jorge (our investigator)
Elder Durrant, Elder Walker
He loves cats
Elder Pachner, Bruce (our investigator)
Elder Durrant
Elder Durrant and Elder Pachner
Elder Durrant and Elder Pachner

E-mail 05/07/2012

Hello supertubuloso family!
This week we taught a Kylie, who is sixteen. We watched the Restoration with them and the whole family watched. I had never seen the dad before, so that was good he was there. They also fed us while we were there. They were all in the back of the room and we were in the front, so it seemed like they were not watching, as we had seen the dad on his computer, and the mom working on desert. After it was over they all said with one accord that it was a great video. They had been sucked into it and really enjoyed it. They really liked the member we brought with us. They told him that he should come back next time and that he should bring his wife with. That's just what we wanted. I love it how that works out.
Something funny that happened was while we were riding our bikes; Elder Walker's bike had a serious breakage, in the which his gear shifter ended up in his spokes. Needless to say we were pretty well stranded. It was raining, too. Fortunately Wal-Mart was nearby so we took shelter there. We called on a member with a truck to give us a ride. I don't remember if I told you, but two weeks ago we had a very similar situation, almost exact. We had called on this same member. Now the response he gave when we called him will make sense. He answered the phone and said "who's bike broke this time?" It was really funny. He gave us a ride and took us to Wendy's to eat.
Do you know how much fun it is to ride a bike in the rain? When it is warm out and then it rains; and you neglected to bring a rain coat, however your scriptures you took care to keep them safe, it is extremely fun to bike and get soaking wet. What is better is it will rain super hard for about ten minutes, then the sun will come out for about an hour and dry you off, then it will rain again following the same pattern. I think it is fun.
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant