Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pictures from Indianapolis, IN 9

After doing service with PBS kids in the park.
I touched a shark! with my bare hand!
Me with a polar bear.
Don't eat me!
Elder Durrant with some Elephants.
I'm batman!
Isn't that awesome!?
Funny district picture.
Really funny district picture.
We made that.
What we have to do to go to the temple.

Pictures from Indianapolis, IN 8

Hi Mom!!
Elder Durrant and Elder Williams
Even he needs the gospel.
Cool stand on one of the ends of the stadium.
Really looooong car!
Check out the detail on this spider!
Pretty picture
Pretty picture
Pretty picture
Feeding the geese.
They will eat out of your hand!

Pictures from Indianapolis, IN 7

Center field!
Big football player
Great view...
Big fan, really big fan.
Big parking lot
Cool seats, in the shape of a horse shoe.
Good luck.
That's me, in the quarter back sweet.
That is a big screen.
Now that's a great view!
No means no.

Pictures from Indianapolis, IN 6

Bruce and Elder Durrant. He got baptized!
Elder Eames, Elder Magelby, & Elder Durrant
Elder Durrant and Elder Bronk
having a smiling contest.
Normal smile Elder Eames and Elder Durrant
Elder Van Zant, Elder Banner, Elder Eames,
and me. Do you like my tie?
Me, Sister Smith, her husband Larry
Elder Eames, and Elder Durrant
Elder Williams, Sis Smith
(she just got baptized), Elder Durrant
Lucas Oil, oh yea!
Tour guide in the Colts stadium. It's huge!

Pictures from Indianapolis, IN 5

District picture. Being funny.
See! I made my bed!
No monsters in this closet.
"I've got a jar of dirt!"
Our pet ducks.
Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dumb
They are never more than three feet apart.