Monday, December 5, 2011

E-mail 12/05/2011

Hello glorious family!!
This week has been awesome! We have been busy busy.
Me and a few other missionaries had a meeting in Fishers, close to Indianapolis, where we learned how to be better missionaries. We were there for two days. About sixteen hours of training. It was so awesome. I got to drive through my old area, and stayed just west of it for the night. It was cool to see things that were so familiar.
We are still teaching Sis Pat. She has kept all of her assignments and meets with us  faithfully every week, minus a few exceptions. We invited her to several church activities. If she keeps going to church functions and reading from the Book of Mormon she will know that it is true. What she does with that is up to her, but we are here to help her in her progression.
We are also working with a guy, whose name is Bro Steve. He enjoys talking with us and says to us that he is one of our tougher cases. He smokes and drinks. He is a good guy. We talked about repentance with him and invited him to repent of something.
The weather here has been moderate. It snowed once and was gone the next day. It has been in the forties. It is weird to be in December and we haven't had a real big snow storm. When it did snow it was slushy and we biked in it for about twenty minutes. Our shoes and pants were soaked all the way up to our thighs. My coat had spatters all over the back. It was a sweet ride! So much fun! I love being a missionary!
We helped our landlord "Uncle Bob" stack wood at his place. I am now an expert log stacker, we went really fast. They would split the huge logs into smaller pieces, we would then take them and play building blocks with them. It was fun.
You are all awesome! Enjoy this happy, non-stressful, anti-perfect, holiday season! ;) Merry Christmas! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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