Monday, March 28, 2011

E-mail 03/28/2011

Hello Fantastic family!
I love it here!!! My companion is wonderful and a hard worker(+District leader.) This area feels like my home ward, and we are having a great time!
We are teaching an investigator who is so awesome, he doesn't have any problems with the commandments so far and soaks in everything we teach him, he just wants to be baptized in Aug. We are working on moving that up a little, maybe May, a little closer, just a little.
Our new ward mission leader is intense, he is over qualified for the position and makes both of us nervous to be around him because we want to make him happy. He is way awesome though.
This last week I did a few things, first, A missionary challenged me to an awkward P.C. so while we were in the car I handed a BofM card to a lady who was smoking in the car next to us, she smiled and took it, but before I could teach her, my companion that day said have a nice day and so I rolled up the window.
Then While we were walking around I walked up to a group of burly looking guys who just got out of the car, I asked the main guy if I could give him a card, he threw his cigarette on the ground and pulled a shot-gun out of his trunk. I walked up to him and handed it to him, he grabbed it then said no thanks and looked very upset. It was so awesome!
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

Monday, March 21, 2011

E-mail 03/21/2011

Hello wonderfully fantastic family!
I love being a missionary! I love my companion! I love this area!
We just got a new ward mission leader, and I so called who it was going to be. This new one is intense, he is like a spiritual giant and wants things done right, and done in the first place. I like him, he is going to do well.
I went on two companion exchanges and I went to the other area. They were a day apart so I had to pack a bag twice. They were fun, but it is good to go home to the Bat Cave. It is really fun going on exchanges and since I'm assistant District mean..assistant to the district leader I got to go with a Zone leader. I went with Elder Banner, he is a good missionary, he talks slow and cooly.
The investigator we are teaching is so awesome, he came to church for the third time and said he would like to be baptized sometime in August. Yea that's a way aways, but HE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!!! He is on fire, and he does not have any real issues holding back, just really learning it all.
I love being a missionary and Christmas is almost here, I mean General Conference!
May the Spirit be with you!
Love Elder Durrant

Zone Leader -Elder Van Zant,
District Leader - Elder Banner Follow-up trainer,
Senior Campaign - Elder Eames,
Elder Durrant

Monday, March 14, 2011

E-mail 03/14/2011

Hello wonderful, patient family!!
Sorry about the last two weeks, we went to a different library that didn't allow as much time, but I'm back!
Elder Eames is so awesome! He is helping me learn and grow, he is a good teacher and leader(he's the District leader)
We are teaching an investigator who we found a few months ago and are just now teaching. He is so golden, he has come to church twice, is doing his reading, keeping his commitments, and just sucking up all that we tell him. He came to Y. I. Believe, which is where recent converts get up and say why they believed and were baptized, and we can bring investigators to listen to it. Afterwards he was so pumped, he said he got a lot of ideas and couldn't wait to get back to reading the Book of Mormon, he misplaced his, but we said we would get him another one. He is so awesome. At Y. I. Believe we saw another miracle. Three ladies walked in wanting to see the Bishop, we told them he wasn't here but would be back another day. As they were leaving, a missionary said hey why don't you stay for the meeting, they said no thanks and started to leave, then they changed their minds, and stayed. After the meeting they turned to Elder Eames and said "So, what do you guys believe?" We talked with them a few minutes and set up an appointment with one of them, the other two are in another area. It was so sweet!
We had Pres. interviews this week as well. I failed. Now I have to come home. See you in a little bit. Just kidding! Pres. Collins is so great! We talked about a few things, he asked if I sent an E-mail home every week, I said I did (I do, right?) Then He asked if I got one from home every week, I said I don't think so, then he said I should demand one every week, if you miss one week that's OK, but if it get's more than two weeks he said to tell him and he would demand it. He is so awesome!
We played Soccer and Basket ball. My glasses broke. When Sis Collins was talking to me, she asked me how The Mission was going I said it was good, hard, but very awesome. She agreed, I then said the harder the better. She asked me what I meant, I said, "Well, what I like to say is, the harder it is, the hotter my wife will be." She laughed so hard at that, and wrote it down. This week has been way awesome. Oh, That one baby we went to the hospital to give a blessing to, her Mom had us come back and give her another one for the surgery she was going in for, which if it goes well, she can go home. She was a lot bigger, I could fit all four fingers on her head this time. She is doing very well.
Thank you for being awesome, and supportive!
I love you All!!!
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

Monday, March 7, 2011

E-mail 03/07/2011

Hello Wonderful family!
This week has been fun! I've been on two exchanges. The first we were in a trio, in my area, and I drove for the first time, Tuesday, I think it was, that was smashing. We did a lot of tracting. It was great. I love Elder Eames, he is working me hard. we are on bikes this week, I love bikes!
Sorry ran out of time this week, next week should be better, but I still love you and I hope you will forgive me. If you don't that's OK, I still love you, well maybe, OK. May the Spirit be with you! By the way, Do you know if the Lord will forgive you if you total his car, just wondering?
Love you all!
Elder Durrant