Monday, March 28, 2011

E-mail 03/28/2011

Hello Fantastic family!
I love it here!!! My companion is wonderful and a hard worker(+District leader.) This area feels like my home ward, and we are having a great time!
We are teaching an investigator who is so awesome, he doesn't have any problems with the commandments so far and soaks in everything we teach him, he just wants to be baptized in Aug. We are working on moving that up a little, maybe May, a little closer, just a little.
Our new ward mission leader is intense, he is over qualified for the position and makes both of us nervous to be around him because we want to make him happy. He is way awesome though.
This last week I did a few things, first, A missionary challenged me to an awkward P.C. so while we were in the car I handed a BofM card to a lady who was smoking in the car next to us, she smiled and took it, but before I could teach her, my companion that day said have a nice day and so I rolled up the window.
Then While we were walking around I walked up to a group of burly looking guys who just got out of the car, I asked the main guy if I could give him a card, he threw his cigarette on the ground and pulled a shot-gun out of his trunk. I walked up to him and handed it to him, he grabbed it then said no thanks and looked very upset. It was so awesome!
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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