Monday, June 27, 2011

E-mail 06/27/2011

Hello Wonderfully fantabulios family!
Today we found out who is staying and who is going. Elder Williams is leaving, he is going Zone Leader.
We have a lot of fights, we get physical with each other, like this morning we wrestled, played mercy, he usually won, but it was fun. We get along very good. We punch each other in the shoulder, play tag by hitting each other, knock rocks between each others legs. We had a good time. Oh by the way, I'm getting transferred, too.
Bruce is so awesome he gives us rides places, jokes around with us. He is practically a member. We had six investigators at church, it was so sweet. There is a couple from Kenya, whom we found Tuesday, taught Wednesday, and Saturday, and came to church Sunday. They have been so prepared by the Lord. They accepted to be baptized on July 30. They already believe what has been taught, are praying the right way, and for missionaries to go all over, and for the church to grow in Kenya. They are so solid!
William quit smoking on Thursday. That makes me so happy! He is off probation and is working hard to be baptized on July 16. We are sending him three scriptures to him per day right before his smoke break. We had stuck a Jesus picture on his pack, and We committed him to not buy anymore. He has stayed true to his word. He is really awesome!
This is an awesome area. I am sad, but happy to leave. There are many good people here. Thank you for being an awesome family! and for supporting me! I will let you know next week where I am, since I don't find out until Wednesday.
Last Monday we went up to Fishers and played dodge ball with another zone. It was so much fun! I got a couple people, but since everyone knows I am not athletically inclined, I got hit a lot. One time, I got one drilled right into my face. It left a cool imprint on my glasses, oh yea, they broke, but don't worry, I fixed them, myself :) . I had a little headache but I kept playing. Then we played football. That was fun, I got a few bruises. They made me be quarter back once, I was like no way, I'll drop the ball. They made me do it, so I did, I threw it and made a touch down, that was sweet.
It is really neat how much people are willing to let you teach them if you either and or help them or listen to them. We had both happen yesterday, we listened to someone complain about their life, then they were interested in hearing what we had to say. Right after we checked on a potential, they were moving so we helped them for a few minutes, they told us to come by the new place they were moving to.
I love being a missionary! It is so awesome! you get so many experiences. Have an awesome week! I love you!!
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant
P.S. I had the White Castle experience this week. It was sweet. Just imagine eating paste in hamburger form, then having a rock move around in your stomach, then having diarrhea. And you will have had the White Castle experience. It was not so bad for me, plus it tasted really good, and the fries, when you squeeze them the grease just flows out. Guess where I am taking you all to eat after I get back. Oh yea, It will be sweet! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

E-mail 06/20/2011

Hello wonderfully awesome family!
This week has been awesome! We have ridden around on bikes a lot. Yesterday we biked to the north west corner of our area. Just the travel time there took us about forty five minutes, it was sweet. Oh, I am on my fourth bike so far. My second one was being borrowed by the Spanish Elders. They locked it up, but whoever it was just came and snipped it. So the Spanish Elders got me a used bike, it got a hole in it's tire, so they let me borrow another one. It has been so fun, plus they just keep upgrading to better and better bikes. I should get them stolen more often.
We had Bruce, who is doing awesome, took us to a restaurant to eat. It is called Manns grill. It was a ton of food. I got mac and cheese, he he, and a turkey sandwich. Bruce is so awesome! He is still set on getting baptized in August. We are at the point where we are trying to come up with things to teach. For example we have taught him about Ammon, and Abinadi. They were sweet lessons.
Kim was going to come to church, but her baby had a seizure Saturday night, so she was up all night. She really wants to come though. She also wants to be baptized on July 16. We are going to work really hard to get her there.
We also had dinner with some less-actives who loved Dr Who. It was fun, I had something to relate to them. I have a sweet picture that I'm going to send home one of these days, too. It's awesome!
It has rained off and on all week, which is sweet, because the more afflictions there are the hotter my wife will be. So far she is at a steady fifty some-odd pounds. :) I love the rain, because only as a missionary would I bike through the rain and thoroughly love it! It is starting to get hot and the humidity is really starting to stick out. It's like if someone just got out of a hot shower and you walk in, maybe not as severe, but you can defiantly tell a difference. It is super nice too, because they fixed our air conditioner. Happy day!
I love you all, and I love it here! Have a stupendous day!
Oh, and may the Spirit be with you, too. :)
Elder Durrant
Bruce and I, he is awesome!

Monday, June 13, 2011

E-mail 06/13/2011

Hello wonderful family!
This week has been awesome. Paula, our recent convert, spoke at Y. I. Believe. She did awesome! We also had Kim come. She couldn't come to church because of a dentist appointment, but she came to this. She has two boys, Thomas, and Cody. Cody is blind, and Thomas is an active two year old. While sitting in the pews he was all over. Then he started to crawl underneath the benches. I would grab his leg and pull him back, then after a couple times I would let him go through. One time when I did that he lifted his head up and he got bonked. He poked his head up and said "Ow", then went back to playing. I love that kid!
We also had a sister named Anna who we had taught once, then dropped us. She showed up to church and Y I believe. As well she had taken a church tour the day before. We had no idea until she came to church. We believe she got antied by her mom, but despite persecution she is still willing to do what she feels is right. as well she is as tall as Seth, unless Seth has grown a lot, then John, and if he has grown a lot too, then Elizabeth, and if she has grown a lot too, then Dad you need to stop watering them so much, he he he.
Bruce is still doing very well. Last night he beat me up. He squoze my hand when I shook his hand and he poked me in the ribs. he he, I love Bruce, he is so cool!
I love you all and may the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

Monday, June 6, 2011

E-mail 06/06/2011

Hello wonderful family!!
This week has been awesome. We were humbled by the Lord this week.
the previous week we had done very well and had gotten "good numbers." We were very happy with that so we set really high goals and we thought we were going to do awesome. The Lord let us know who was in charge. He decided to show us what it was like to not do so well. We still had a very good week and it was awesome. We just were reminded to keep ourselves in check.
Last week we went to the Lucis Oil stadium. It was awesome! We got to go onto the field. Most of our zone was there. Fourteen were there, Eight couldn't make it. It is an awesomely huge building. One of the members calls it the Paten Manning temple.
We went to the Zoo this morning. A family took us there and we walked around with them. It was awesome! We saw them feed the tigers. It was cool. We also raced a cheetah( photo ID#13289 and 87, 88 is my companion.)
We are still teaching Regina. We moved her baptism date to June 25, so that she will be more prepared. Her little brother is a smart, sharp kid. He appears to not be paying attention but he gives us all the answers.
Bruce is doing fantastic! He is still going strong for his baptism on Aug 20. We have such a good time with him. We joke, laugh, and have a serious lesson. He is an awesome guy!
There is a cool family where the mom is a recent convert and we stopped by one evening and started playing with her four kids all under eight. We pushed them around carefully on our bikes, we sword fought with them, we had a great time. It gave mom a little break time, as well.
I love being a missionary! MY companion is awesome! He won't eat my cooking though. He has judged it to be against his health to do so. If you remember how I was at home, imagine me cooking all by myself, no restraints, and all sorts of random food. >) I love mac & cheese and hot dogs! Oh I tried making cookies the other day, but I read the instructions wrong and I made cookie cakes, they were still good, but not quite what I wanted. Anyway, my companion, who is from AZ, is awesome! He is a hard worker, and loves being a missionary.
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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