Monday, June 6, 2011

E-mail 06/06/2011

Hello wonderful family!!
This week has been awesome. We were humbled by the Lord this week.
the previous week we had done very well and had gotten "good numbers." We were very happy with that so we set really high goals and we thought we were going to do awesome. The Lord let us know who was in charge. He decided to show us what it was like to not do so well. We still had a very good week and it was awesome. We just were reminded to keep ourselves in check.
Last week we went to the Lucis Oil stadium. It was awesome! We got to go onto the field. Most of our zone was there. Fourteen were there, Eight couldn't make it. It is an awesomely huge building. One of the members calls it the Paten Manning temple.
We went to the Zoo this morning. A family took us there and we walked around with them. It was awesome! We saw them feed the tigers. It was cool. We also raced a cheetah( photo ID#13289 and 87, 88 is my companion.)
We are still teaching Regina. We moved her baptism date to June 25, so that she will be more prepared. Her little brother is a smart, sharp kid. He appears to not be paying attention but he gives us all the answers.
Bruce is doing fantastic! He is still going strong for his baptism on Aug 20. We have such a good time with him. We joke, laugh, and have a serious lesson. He is an awesome guy!
There is a cool family where the mom is a recent convert and we stopped by one evening and started playing with her four kids all under eight. We pushed them around carefully on our bikes, we sword fought with them, we had a great time. It gave mom a little break time, as well.
I love being a missionary! MY companion is awesome! He won't eat my cooking though. He has judged it to be against his health to do so. If you remember how I was at home, imagine me cooking all by myself, no restraints, and all sorts of random food. >) I love mac & cheese and hot dogs! Oh I tried making cookies the other day, but I read the instructions wrong and I made cookie cakes, they were still good, but not quite what I wanted. Anyway, my companion, who is from AZ, is awesome! He is a hard worker, and loves being a missionary.
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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