Tuesday, May 31, 2011

E-mail 05/31/2011

Hello Super family!
This week has been a wonderful week. We have seen the hand of the Lord in our work.
First, we got ten member presents, nine others, and one LA/RC. Meaning twenty lessons this last week. That is so hard to get, I have gotten it once, maybe twice before, plus I have never gotten ten member presents. The Lord has blessed us exceedingly. (LA/RC = less-active/recent convert).
We have four people with a baptism date. Jean and Diana were in the Zone leaders area, then they moved to ours and we set a date with them for July 23, Then we set one with Regina and Avery, a ten and an eight year old, she is really bashful, we have been playing puppets with her and I even made colored utensils as the twelve apostles and Jesus, they are awesome. As you can plainly see I just hate it, he he. She has opened up a lot. She is getting baptized June 11.
Next we have Bruce who we finally knelt down and prayed with him and he picked a concrete date. He picked Aug 20. The reason he is waiting so long is that he wants to patch things up with his family so he can invite them to see his baptism. His Mom, and son especially. He is so funny, we joke around all the time and he is just an all around good guy. He is so solid too. He does everything, comes to church, reads his scriptures, prays, and does extra activities.
This last Sunday was the Indianapolis 500. It was crazy! We were at an investigators house about a mile away and you could here the cars zooming. We finished just as the race finished and people started to leave. We barely managed to get through and had to make a few detours because all the roads took us to the airport, we don't want to go there yet, he he. It was a fun adventure.
The pool of Bathsheba is open. We have a pool right outside our back window, so we have to keep the blinds closed now.
We have pet geese, they will eat food out of our hands. Geese just went up on my like scale. We saw them eating dandy lions! I thought that was awesome!
Oh by the way my bike got stolen. It's no big deal. A member gave me a nicer one and someone let me use there spider-man helmet. Then Paula came and let us use her mini compressor to blow the tires up. It's humid, too.
I love you all!!!
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant :)

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