Monday, May 9, 2011

E-mail 05/09/2011

Hello fantubulouis family! All of you!
What an awesome week! Our numbers this week were below average, and since all of missionary work is about numbers, we are not doing so good. ;) ha ha! We had zone conference on Thursday and it was from ten to five. We got trained on all the important secret missionary stuff that only missionaries can know. It was awesome, they fed us to. We took pictures, which I forwarded.
Bruce is doing awesome He gives us rides all the time. This Sunday before we left the parking lot to go home from church, we were getting a ride with him, he said when do I get to meet the Elder's quorum president. We said why don't you ask him, he's right there. So he rolled down his window and said to him "So when are you coming to see me?" They proceeded to set up a time. In all, we have brought over nine members, Pres. will make ten.
Paula was stuck on Gal 1:6 she thought we were a different gospel. We had a testimony meeting at a members home and it was great! A few days later she called and asked if we could do a favor for her, we said sure. She said can you get me baptized, we said I think we can do that. She is getting baptized on the 18th which is also transfers, but things will work out for the best. Her daughter in law from out of state who recently got baptized will be there as well. that will be awesome. She asked me to give the talk on baptism and for Elder Eames to baptize her. My first baptism!!
Everyone else is awesome! They are just at different levels right now of readiness.
Happy Mothers day! Happy birthday! (sorry if I’m late :,( better late than never:D )
I love you all! May the spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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