Monday, June 13, 2011

E-mail 06/13/2011

Hello wonderful family!
This week has been awesome. Paula, our recent convert, spoke at Y. I. Believe. She did awesome! We also had Kim come. She couldn't come to church because of a dentist appointment, but she came to this. She has two boys, Thomas, and Cody. Cody is blind, and Thomas is an active two year old. While sitting in the pews he was all over. Then he started to crawl underneath the benches. I would grab his leg and pull him back, then after a couple times I would let him go through. One time when I did that he lifted his head up and he got bonked. He poked his head up and said "Ow", then went back to playing. I love that kid!
We also had a sister named Anna who we had taught once, then dropped us. She showed up to church and Y I believe. As well she had taken a church tour the day before. We had no idea until she came to church. We believe she got antied by her mom, but despite persecution she is still willing to do what she feels is right. as well she is as tall as Seth, unless Seth has grown a lot, then John, and if he has grown a lot too, then Elizabeth, and if she has grown a lot too, then Dad you need to stop watering them so much, he he he.
Bruce is still doing very well. Last night he beat me up. He squoze my hand when I shook his hand and he poked me in the ribs. he he, I love Bruce, he is so cool!
I love you all and may the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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