Monday, June 20, 2011

E-mail 06/20/2011

Hello wonderfully awesome family!
This week has been awesome! We have ridden around on bikes a lot. Yesterday we biked to the north west corner of our area. Just the travel time there took us about forty five minutes, it was sweet. Oh, I am on my fourth bike so far. My second one was being borrowed by the Spanish Elders. They locked it up, but whoever it was just came and snipped it. So the Spanish Elders got me a used bike, it got a hole in it's tire, so they let me borrow another one. It has been so fun, plus they just keep upgrading to better and better bikes. I should get them stolen more often.
We had Bruce, who is doing awesome, took us to a restaurant to eat. It is called Manns grill. It was a ton of food. I got mac and cheese, he he, and a turkey sandwich. Bruce is so awesome! He is still set on getting baptized in August. We are at the point where we are trying to come up with things to teach. For example we have taught him about Ammon, and Abinadi. They were sweet lessons.
Kim was going to come to church, but her baby had a seizure Saturday night, so she was up all night. She really wants to come though. She also wants to be baptized on July 16. We are going to work really hard to get her there.
We also had dinner with some less-actives who loved Dr Who. It was fun, I had something to relate to them. I have a sweet picture that I'm going to send home one of these days, too. It's awesome!
It has rained off and on all week, which is sweet, because the more afflictions there are the hotter my wife will be. So far she is at a steady fifty some-odd pounds. :) I love the rain, because only as a missionary would I bike through the rain and thoroughly love it! It is starting to get hot and the humidity is really starting to stick out. It's like if someone just got out of a hot shower and you walk in, maybe not as severe, but you can defiantly tell a difference. It is super nice too, because they fixed our air conditioner. Happy day!
I love you all, and I love it here! Have a stupendous day!
Oh, and may the Spirit be with you, too. :)
Elder Durrant
Bruce and I, he is awesome!

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