Wednesday, November 17, 2010

E-mail 11/17/2010

Hello wonderful family!!
I love you!!
Despite what some people have is great here!
We are studying all day and teach a lot. If we don't have the spirit we're in trouble.
Oh sorry about the short e mail last week, they told us to say that and get off.....but it still applies ;)
My companion is wonderful. All through getting my arm checked out he was so patient and understanding. By the way the doctors said I should be good to go when the time comes, I just need to keep wearing the brace and exercise it occasionally.
They stuff you full here! It is an all you can eat gloriousness! I think I'm going to get fat. On that note, Mom if you do send me bread, can you only send half a loaf or less, they feed us like crazy here. The cookies were good :)
It was funny, the first two notes I got in the mail were doctor notes.
Oh, I am writing first, than reading so if I don't cover something sorry, If I have time I will address it.
The district here has become my family, they are great, uplifting, and supportive. there are 8 elders including myself and 4 sisters.
The sisters said "your mama must have raised you right"; they say that because whenever they enter a room I am usually the first to stand, and I treat them respectfully. They really appreciate it.
I love you all and it is great here!!!!!
Elder Durrant 

First District
One of the Sisters had her mom send matching ties
for all of the Elders in our district.
First companion Elder Quinney
Elder Durrant & Elder Quinney

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