Friday, November 26, 2010

E-mail 11/26/2010

Hello glorious family!!
Sorry about not E-mailing on Wednesday, the e mail went down so no one could e mail.
Life here is great!! I love it!! It is going by so fast, pretty soon I'll be in Indiana!
By the way I am being deported NOV 30. The time for the first flight is 7:00 A.M. and I should arrive at 3:02 P.M. I will be on Delta 1862 and 1593. I will stop in Detroit for the next flight.
Mom, Dad, you do not have to come, they want me to get right on, but I am not stopping you. Thank you!!
We have been learning how to "teach people, not lessons". When we teach we have to have the spirit or all is vain. We are in some sort of class almost all day, IT'S AWESOME!!!
My district is so great! there are eight Elders (including me,) and four Sisters. They are so good, we have a lot of fun, we tease, we joke, and most important we laugh!
I have learned so much! We have been teaching a few investigators, our teachers, they are so real, Tina, Derrick, and Huan. it is a little scary when you go by the spirit, but if you do you can't go wrong. My teachers teach me stuff, like Spiritual juice boxes. its great, we have a good time.
Thanksgiving was awesome!!!! we had Thanksgiving dinner (lunch) it was good. They had yams!! They remind me of Grandma Durrant. For the devotional Elder Holland came and spoke to us. It was so good, very inspirational. He had his grandchildren sing for us. They were our family for today, that is what he said. We also made bags for children, 33,000.
Thanks! I LOVE YOU!!!!
Elder Durrant

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