Monday, April 11, 2011

E-mail 04/11/2011

Hello marvelous family!
This week has been awesome! we have been biking all over, and I found a basket on the road that I attached to my bike, it is so sweet! We have been teaching a lot of people. At church one of our investigators came for the first time, and I helped find her through tracting (it works) back in Jan. I have good reason to believe that she enjoyed it a lot. Paula wants to postpone her baptism because she wants to wait for her husband, he gets out on the 20 or around there. Irregardless she wants to be baptized. She is even already going to choir! We went to choir as well, as soon as we walked in everyone cheered and were so happy. they said that we sang pretty good, or at least we didn't sound like gargling nails. ;)
Bruce is still getting ready for baptism, he may move his date back because he doesn't feel ready, but he is solid and I have no doubt he will be baptized and make a great member.
The Spanish elders that live close to us didn't want a shelf so they gave it to us. Now my desk is clean :O ! I don't know what to do, I can actually see my desk!
Our District is staying the same except Sis Gilman left and Sis Lamb came back, that will be good for Elder Eames, if I wasn't enough to deal with he has four sisters to worry about X( He is doing a great job though, he is an awesome missionary and a great companion, we get along great.
Oh, and that little baby that We gave a blessing to a few months ago, recently we gave another blessing and this time all four of my fingers fit on her head, and a few days later her Mom called and said she is doing just fine. What a miracle that was!
WE also have a lady who "is on fire" moving back from a base doing training and learned the gospel there and "Will be ready to be baptized when she gets [here]". We have not met her yet but she seems really solid. hey, free baptism number...J.K. We will make sure she is taught properly and knows what she needs to and is ready for the big commitment she is going to make.
Things have been going great over here, it's starting to get hotter. We can take our suit coats off at 65, we have had them off a lot recently. It is fun riding in the rain too. Missionary work is great!
I love you! May the spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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