Monday, April 25, 2011

E-mail 04/25/2011

Hello Wonderful Family!!
This week has been awesome!!
After coming back from the church last Monday, we walked up the stairs to our apartment. Elder Eames went first and he said hey you have a box, I said no, you have a box. He said no, I'm not Elder Matthew Durrant. I almost pushed him down the stairs when I passed him to get it. I was so happy! The cookies didn't last a week, and Elder Eames would like the recipe for them. I took a few pix which I will send later. Thank you!
We are starting to teach a family who was referred to us by Pres. Collins. The Mom started learning on a military base, so when she came here we went over to get to know them and see how ready they were. The first two visits we were unimpressed, they didn't seem as "on fire" as they were made out to be. When we dropped by a third time, they fed us pizza, and his Mom and three of his sisters were there. We talked about the church, answered questions, and testified. Marie, the one that was on base, testified about the Joseph Smith and who he was. It was so awesome, the Spirit was there. When we asked if we could come back, they said can you come tomorrow. When we went over it was Marie and Caesar her husband, their two girls, 4 and 3, and their friend. We brought Pres. Katschke, the Elder's quorum president. He did a magnificent job. He talked with them, joked around, answered their questions. For some reason she thought I was funny. I didn't say much, but I guess it was my facial reactions made her laugh, weird. My opinion of them has changed completely. they are going to make awesome members.
With Bruce we have taught him everything, so we went to a members home and had a testimony meeting with him, we bore our testimony, then we invited him to give his. He did and it was simple and so good. The only thing he said that is holding him back, is that he wants to be more knowledgeable about the scriptures, don't we all. WE are going to try and help him with his concern.
For Easter, the bishop, invited us over for dinner with his family. They had an egg hunt, and we ate good. All of their children are grown so they come over and bring their children. It was fun.
I think I'm getting fat from all this candy I'm eating O).(o I like candy, it tastes good.
We were on bikes this week and it rained, a lot. It was good though, it shows others our dedication to the work. The thunder and lighting was so cool. I think we saw the makings of a tornado, but we had to go to bed. We took a short cut home. It was through a little swamp. My feet were soaked. It was so awesome though. Riding bikes in the rain is funner than in a car, but a car is nicer, and we get it this week, yea!
I love you all very much and appreciate all that you do! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

Hello --- Peeps!
Yummmmm Peeps
Peeps yum yum yum
Chug, chug, chug
That’s right Sixteen in my mouth!
Cookie Monster!
Rabbits like cookies too!
I‘ve got a jar full of dirt!
and guess what’s inside?!

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