Monday, August 15, 2011

E-mail 08/15/2011

Hello super awesome family that loves me no matter what I do!
This week has been awesome! The Lord is continuing to bless us with success. We had our first investigator at church. His name is Greg, he works on motorcycles, has long hair and a mustache. He is so awesome! He was so pleased with church he paid his tithing, that's a first. He has felt the Spirit and has a lot of questions. I will keep you updated on him.
We also had the Jackson's come to church. Pres. Hinsdale said we could have knocked him over with a feather after he saw them there. I was so happy to see them there.
We are teaching a lot. We are doing a lot of service. And we are loving every second of it! We had to put on our suit coats the other evening. When it get's under sixty five we have to wear them. It was just barely under. The whole week has been cool and slight sprinkling. The other evening we were walking to a less-active's house to invite them to church. When we were a quarter of a mile from it. We both felt we should go back home. We turned around and heard a shout, but that was all, we made it home safe and sound. Plymouth is a very quiet and nice neighborhood. I love serving here!
We have a new branch mission leader, Bro Fosburgh, he is very qualified for the position and has the attitude of "get things done." He also started a program where we have three exchanges per week. That is going to help us tremendously.
We are finding and teaching lots of awesome people, I love it!!
We have dinner every night this week. That's what's awesome about being a missionary, well one thing, everyone wants to feed us all the time.
I love you all! Stay safe, and May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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