Monday, August 1, 2011

E-mail 08/01/2011

Hello Good looking wonderful family!!
This week has been fun! When it gets to the end of the month missionaries have to scrimp and save because payday is at the beginning of the month. So it is with car miles. If you use them all at the beginning of the month they are all gone and you have to either bike or walk. We decided to bike and walk during the month so we wouldn't have to huff it everywhere for the last two weeks. The last day we had fifty miles so we got to spend it all. It is nice. We had a police officer pull over and ask us what we were doing. We said we were missionaries. His attitude changed 360 degrees. He thought we were peddlers "out selling stuff." He was really nice to us when he found out who we were, said "Go right ahead." I love it when officers talk to us, because you get really funny stories. :)
We talked to Joanne some more. She is working four jobs, and trying to improve her yard. She is working herself silly. It is really funny though, because she wants us to ride with her to pick up more rocks then to come back and place them, but we can't ride with a lady unless there is another guy. She is always talking about getting rid of that rule, just so we can help her, but she's just kidding. I find it very funny.
We are working with some really great people. One part-member family, where the husband is not a member, we are slowly working with them to get them more comfortable with us. We do this by going over there and eating their food, he he. We also are trying to get him to play basketball with us. He is a really cool guy.
This is a cool little branch. There are about fifty people that show up each week. We haven't had any investigators come yet, but we haven't given up. We are still inviting and working with people to get them to church, so they can feel the Spirit, receive answers to questions, and make friends. I love church!
Thanks for being awesome! Oh and after going to Bourbon and getting rained out, I now wear that same tie whenever I go there. It has become my "Bourbon Tie" I also have a "Transfer Tie" a "Temple tie" a "Meet the Prophet Tie" Good stuff.
I love it here and I love working here! It is awesome!!
May the Spirit be with you! I love you!!
Elder Durrant

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