Monday, July 25, 2011

E-mail 07/25/2011

Hello wonderful, superfantastic family!
This week has been so awesome! We have seen many miracle and much hard work.
A member referred us to someone and they are so solid. Her name is Joanne. This is the story. Joanne got two weeks off work and decided to landscape, by putting rocks around her property. While doing this she saw her member neighbor and asked if he would help for a little bit. He did, then he sent us over. She used us alright. We emptied about three pickup truck loads, and filled two. They were big ones too, bigger than watermelons. Anyway, we invited her to hear a lesson and she accepted. It was in a members home. She wasn't able to come to church Sunday, but she will be there next Sunday. She also found out that there is a relief society and that they quilt. She is a good cook, too. She is really awesome. I have no doubt a little down the road she will make the covenant of baptism.
We also were able to see a promise in preach my gospel fulfilled. Find them that will receive you, "Those who are prepared will recognize you as a servant of the Lord, they will be willing to act on your message." After a fairly long while of tracting we knocked on this lady's door. One of the first things she said was "I don't want to waste your time." I said the same statement to her. They offered us water, I accepted. They then talked to us for the next twenty minutes. They were so prepared, and I don't remember a lot of what I said, but I do know that the Holy Ghost was there, otherwise, They would not have accepted the book of Mormon we gave them as well as ask to come to church. They were so open and accepting. It was so awesome!
I love it here! It has a different feel to it than the city. We are working hard and loving it. It is funny though, my companion, as soon as we walk outside he starts sweating like a faucet. I don't sweat that much. He is a good Elder. We are having an awesome time.
Thank you all for everything that you do! May the Spirit be with you!
Love Elder Durrant

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