Monday, July 18, 2011

E-mail 07/18/2011

Hello stupendous family!!
This week was really fun, we rode bikes a lot so as to save on miles, so we don't have to bike at the end of the month. The weather here is fun. It either rains or is sunny. Although, people here do say something similar to what people say back home. "Oh, it's sunny. Wait five minutes."
We have been starting to work with a lot of less-actives. One couple we stopped by, the Jackson's, are really funny. The first time over there they let us in and we sat down and really listened to them talk to each other, we would say something here and there. I couldn't help laughing almost the whole time, not just because he was funny, but mainly he reminded me so much of Adam. I thought that it was Adam sitting in that chair. It was crazy how similar they were. The wise cracks, annoying people at work, gestures made. I was in shock. I don't mean they were similar if you stretched your mind. I mean they could have been brothers. I think it is really funny. Did I say he was married? She is a sweet lady, and puts up with him, too. he he.
We were at the fair everyday last week except for one. It was fun. We walked around, looked at animals, had an elephant ear, and manned the booth. The had two big fold up boards that had pictures on them. They had a T.V. playing Mormon messages, and pamphlet. It was fun. There weren't a lot of people at the fair this year, as opposed to previous years, but a lot of people saw us.
We had another Elder with us, because of leadership training, we had a good time. He is twenty-five, and was fun to be around. He is a good missionary, sometimes acted immature, but we had a good time.
Elder Pachner is a good Elder. We are starting to get used to each other, our different attitudes, likes, interests, and behaviors. He talks really fast, that is good if you are trying to teach someone who can't stop talking. You just take the conversation and take it where you want, back to the gospel.
I love Plymouth! Have you found it on the map yet? Yea it's in the middle of nowhere, I know. It's so much fun though. We go up to Jakeville, down past Argos, over to Tippeconue, and on the other side is Walkerton, Knox, and San Peirre. I love working here! It is so different from working in the city. For one thing, when we get out into the country, houses are half a mile apart, almost. We are starting to find some good success. The members are awesome, and make sure we are taken care of.
I love you all! Have an awesome day!
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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