Monday, July 11, 2011

E-mail 07/11/2011

Hello wonderfully awesome, and fantabulious family!
I love it here!!!
I feel like I am experiencing real missionary life. i.e. riding miles on empty roads between two corn fields, the wind rushing past, and in the evening a beautiful sunset. The branch has about fifty to sixty active members, about one third on the roster. I think and am quite sure that is normal for every ward and every church. The building is so cute! The sacrament room is like the primary room, which can break up into five classrooms. It has a kitchen, a library, a font, and a primary room. The members are so awesome! I think in smaller wards/branches, the members become closer with each other, they have to struggle a lot more, like hold two or three or more callings. I like it though. We cover two counties, and about a dozen or so cities/towns. Just imagine Moroni and you will have a good idea of where I am serving. As well add Nephi and Manti to the area and that just about covers it. I don't know exacts, but it is fun. We do have a full time car, and we can go twelve hundred miles with it. We love to bike though. There is a fair going on all this week and the members have a booth set up and they want us there as much as possible. I get to go to my first fair! as a missionary no less!
My companion is awesome! Whenever I say thank you he says your welcome, and the way he says it is really funny, I like it though.
We talk to a lot of awesome people. We also talk to a lot of weird people. Don't get me wrong, I love them, in fact I'm even weird so I can say that, it just makes them different, which is cool. We gave talks Sunday, they went well, we each spoke for about ten minutes each. We see a lot of Amish people, too. They have cool beards.
We are being fed very well. The people here love missionaries and are super missionary minded.
I love being a missionary! I love teaching! It was hard to go from one to two lessons a day to zero. The Lord is blessing us though, we have had a few lessons and does that feel good! I love being a missionary!
Thank you! I love you! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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