Monday, September 12, 2011

E-mail 09/12/2011

Hello my family!!
You are so very awesome! This week has been so awesome! We are teaching lots of people and working miracles!
For Sunday we didn't have any investigators at church, but two non-members were there. The reason why they are not investigators is that we are not teaching them. One of them was our landlord, "Uncle Bob," he is really funny. He likes the Mormons and sticks up for us, and will say good things about us, but he won't be baptized. Missionaries have rented from him for probably twenty years and they've all tried. He is what's known as a Jack Mormon, or a Mormon sympathizer. He bends over backwards to take care of us.
The Jacksons came to church again! I was so excited to see them, they brought a friend as well. Pres. Hinsdale has a jar full of chocolate in his office for the little kids and Elder Pachner is always asking for chocolate; well, he asked for some right after sacrament meeting and he loaded both of us with chocolate because he was so astounded and happy. It made Elder Pachner happy, he likes chocolate.
We are still teaching Sis Robin. She didn't come to church, but last Tuesday Elder Pachner and another Elder taught her and committed her to baptism. I wasn't there so I don't know exactly how it went, but they taught her in a members home after dinner.
We are teaching lots of people. All are at there own level of progression, but that is the key word there "progress" In all that we do we do not want to move people backwards, we want them to move forward even if it's only half an inch, it is better than bashing with them and moving them backwards a foot.
Missionary work is the best thing ever!! I love being out here, I love the people here, and I love area!
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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