Monday, September 19, 2011

E-mail 09/19/2011

Hello Wonderful Family!!
We got transfer calls this morning. This week has been so wonderful! If I came out here to get numbers, which I did, just kidding, This week would have been the best. We had a lot of lessons. We had a few member presents. And a church tour.
The church tour was sweet! It was with a guy who said he would never come to church. Over the last months he has progressed from not really wanting to talk to us to wanting to have us over every other day. He has a three year old who if he had horns would be a little devil. He has the coolest evil laugh and is so fun. He chases us around and when he wants our attention he'll come up to us and shout as loud as he can "Hey." I love that family!
We are also having dinner with Sis Robin. We told her one of us might be leaving so she offered to feed us. She didn't come to church but she is still willing to meet with us. She is a nice lady.
We are also teaching a guy who will write reports for us on the chapters, from the Book of Mormon, that he reads. He loves that book, he is just nervous to come to church. We have brought a couple people over there with us. We are going to try and have a church tour so he can see that it is a normal little building.
We are going to have a few more church tours in the coming weeks. It is going to be sweet.
Sunday was Branch Conference, so all the Stake people were there. It was really awesome. Pres. Hinsdale, When he spoke, said that there may be better missionaries elsewhere, but there were no better Elders than us. Now I do not repeat that to be prideful, I would like to make a point by it. Especially to you FPH's. When you are obedient to the commandments and rules the Lord will take you, mold you, form you, into the kind of person that people will say, you are a great missionary. People know if you are keeping rules or not. It shines through your countenance, your words, your actions, in everything that you do. People will have greater respect for you and your calling. You can still have your own personality, your own characteristics, being obedient enables you to be yourself, your best self. Ok, I'm done.
In regards to who is getting transfered, Elder Pachner is leaving, I am staying. My new companion will be a greeny.
I love you all and your example to me. I love it here and love being a missionary!! Plymouth Rocks!
May the Spirit be with you!
Love Elder Durrant

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