Monday, February 20, 2012

E-mail 02/20/2012

Hello Wonderfulytastic family!!
This week has been awesome! it has been really warm and no snow.
We went to a luau this past week. It was fun. They had lots of food. We had a good turn out. Lot's of non-members came which was great. At the end they had all the men come up and do the hooka. We stomped our foot on the ground and made the whole cultural hall shake. There were twelve missionaries that came I thought that was really cool.
We taught one of our investigators this past week. His name is Brother Tom. He doesn't have a belief or testimony in God so we are helping him to gain one. Missionaries have taught him in the past and he has had lots of contact with the church, but he did it for his wife. We are helping him to gain a belief in God by teaching him the plan of salvation. We emphasized the Spirit reminding him of what he already knew. In our last visit with him we read 1 Nephi 10-11. This is Lehi and Nephi testifying of the savior. As we were walking out he said to us "I felt the Spirit." I was so over joyed by that statement. There are so many miracles happening here. There are many people preparing to go to the temple that two years ago if someone asked you if they would ever be a member or go to the temple you would have said there's no way. There are many good things that happen when a temple is announced. There are also many trials.
For valentines day we went to a gyro shop with two other Elders nearby. They were very yummy. My companion said it was his funnest valentines day yet.
I hope you  like the pictures. the first group are from my first area. I will label the next ones so you know which area is which. and yes I do make my bed, you can see that. :)
May the Spirit be with you!! I love you all!
Elder Durrant

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