Monday, February 6, 2012

E-mail 02/06/2012

Hello family that is super awesome!!!
This week has been busy. There was a two day meeting in Fishers, a lot of people to see, and an exchange to go on.
The weather has been so warm. It is really weird. It must be global warming :P It makes it really nice because more people tend to be outside.
The meeting in Fishers was so awesome! I was writing things down and receiving lots of revelation. We stayed in different places for the night. I was with two other missionaries. As we traveled to and fro, I finished making a scarf. I used up the rest of my yarn so now I need to go get more. I have so many back orders for people who want a tie. Whenever someone finds out that I knit, they ask me to make them a tie. I tell them that they are not the first and mentally put them on a "maybe I will make them a tie" list. One missionary, I told, if he bought the yarn I would make him a tie. He didn't want to do that.
We taught Max, again. He is so excited to be baptized. He is more excited for his dad to baptize him. We taught him the plan of salvation and let him draw pictures on a white board. He participates well. The home teachers go to every appointment we have with him, as well. He reminds his parents to read and pray at night. He is really awesome. I love that family!
Exchanges, where we switch companions for a day, are really fun. I went on one this last week and we taught a guy who is super ready for the gospel. We were preparing to extend two commitments to him. As we did so he talked about reasons not to be baptized or come to church with us. After such talk we committed him anyway. He accepted and has full intention to keep them. In fact he went to church on Sunday. I love exchanges because we learn much from other missionaries and we help each other grow.
This week has been awesome! I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant
I recently read this and I like it. Matt 14:27-29
Christ will always invite us to come unto Him. If we have faith we will come unto him.

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