Monday, January 30, 2012

E-mail 01/30/2012

Hello supertastic family!!
This week has been awesome!! We are doing lot's of good and are having loads of fun.
This past week we taught Emily. She is nine years old. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the fourth article of faith. She is active in the lesson and will try to answer our questions the best she can.
We are also teaching Max. He is eight years old, but the Bishop asked us to teach him the missionary lessons. We taught him the Restoration and we used two examples. When talking about Jesus Christ calling apostles, we used spoons, knives, and forks. When talking about the Apostasy we used a piece of paper that had several principles written on it. We cut it all up took some of the pieces away and told him to put it back together. He couldn't because pieces were missing. We asked him what we should do. He said "Make another one." We said yes, and explained how Joseph Smith restored the church. We brought another piece of paper that we pulled out that looked exactly like the one we cut up. He understood.
We were asked to speak at sharing time, in primary, about missionary work. It was so much fun. First we talked with the junior primary then the senior primary. We talked about the for different aspects of missionary work. Namely, planning, finding, studying, and teaching. They were excited. They asked questions, made comments, and were happy when we sang a few songs with them. I love teaching!
We were able to participate in giving several blessings this past week. The power of the Priesthood is real. When you speak the words that God would have you speak it becomes a very important and spiritual strength for that person. God loves His children.
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!!
Elder Durrant

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