Monday, January 9, 2012

E-mail 01/09/2012

Hello Glorintabulous family!!
This week has been so awesome! We are teaching lots of people and it's really warm.
Most of this week has been in the forties fifties. It is really nice. More people are outside, so that's more people we can talk to. The more people we talk to, the more people we teach. The more people we teach the more people we baptize. It's all connected!
We taught a wonderful family this past week. They had forgotten we were coming, but they hurriedly got ready, turned the TV off, etc. People were walking to and fro. In the middle of the discussion extended family showed up, so we had the opportunity to meet them and leave a good impression. As we got further in the lesson they felt the Spirit strongly. They rehearsed how they met the missionaries.The father was so happy that he gave Elder Knowles a hug. They asked if they could come to church. We made arrangements for them so they will be there next Sunday.
Where we do service is so awesome. I love it. We serve lunch at a soup kitchen. It is so nice to be able to help people have a meal where otherwise they might go hungry. The guy in charge always puts us in front serving the food because says he "They look nice with their ties and smiles." I love serving there.
We are teaching a nine year old girl and this past week we set a baptismal date with her for March. She is very smart. We gave her a calendar and had her write all the things she needs to do to be ready for baptism. Things like reading everyday, praying, going to church. We are very excited for her.
The ward is awesome. They are treating us great. Feeding us a lot. I love it here!
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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