Monday, January 16, 2012

E-mail 01/16/2012

Hello. hello hello. hello hello hello. How are you? hello.
Good morning wonderful family!
What a week! We have been really busy. It as gone from warm to cold back to warm. We had a transfer. The people we are working with are so awesome.
We taught Tony and his family again. They are really excited to come to church. We told them we were going to teach them the Plan of Salvation next and they got really excited. At the end of this last lesson his wife offered to feed us. We started to object, but she said "I don't feed just anybody." We agreed to let her feed us.
Oh yea, you probably noticed that I said something about transfers. First Have Dad explain what an emergency transfer is. We had one this last week. I stayed in Bloomington and Elder Knowles left to Logansport. We got in a fight and he punched first....just kidding, There was a missionary in another area that needed to leave his area. So, Elder Mayfield is my new companion. He is from Texas. My first Texas companion. He is from Denton. He is tall and is a runner. We are having a fun time. He tells jokes with a straight face and we make fun of each other all the time.
That was the exciting thing that happened this past week. Because of it I got to work in Westfield, Carmel area, above Indianapolis, for a day. It was so fun. The wind was blowing and at some points I would stop peddling and the wind would push me along. I love being a missionary! It is so awesome!
We had a meeting called Y.I. Believe. There was a brother who spoke that was really funny. He told us his conversion story. He said he didn't really care about anything and to use his words he said "I don't care." So the missionaries came over and his wife wasn't happy so he said ok give me that pamphlet (anti) and show me where Romans is (that talks about baptism) and I'll convert these two missionaries. So he had his finger in Romans (if he didn't he would lose it and wouldn't be able to find it.) When they came over they asked him what he knew about the LDS. He said "well, let me tell you what you believe." He told them everything he read in the pamphlet. They politely listened, when he was finished they said. "You know a lot about our church. Now let us tell you what we believe." The guy looked at his wife and gave the look "these guys are lost.(he pulled his finger out a little bit.) They are past converting. (his finger went out a little more.) I tried. (his finger came out.) Over the next six months his wife was converted, but he "didn't care." His wife asked if he would go to church, he said no, she cried, and because he cared for her, he finally cared and prayed. He knew it was true. He was a very funny speaker.
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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