Monday, January 2, 2012

E-mail 01/02/2012

Hello happy partying tired Family!!
It's a new year! A fact that I have just thought about is, if hypothetically speaking I stayed up until midnight I would have had my new year two hours before you, thus I would have gone to bed two hours earlier. That is if I stayed up and if I went to bed right after midnight. ;)
We have had an awesome week! We are doing lots of good and working really hard. My companion was sick, but he didn't want to stay inside so we went out. That day it was snowing and was cold. He was getting worse so I told him we were going inside. He called Sis Collins and she firmly said, leaving no room for question, "you are in for the night." I thought it was really funny. He got better the next day and we worked.
It stayed really warm for a while. Today the weather caught up with the season. It is cold today, but we have the car :)
We are teaching lots of good people. Peter was out of town, but we asked him if he would go to church where he was going. He said he would like to, so we got the address for the church where he went. We are really confident he went. We taught a group of four people. One was a less-active, two were former investigators, and the other had never been taught before. As we talked with them the one who had never been taught felt the Spirit. We told him that was the Spirit. He liked that feeling. He said it was nice. As the closing prayer was said he said he felt chills go down his spine. Because they felt the Spirit they are willing to learn more. As they continue to learn more and feel the Spirit, they will be converted.
I love it here, the people are nice, and being a missionary is awesome!
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant 
P.S. We also taught someone who is a huge star wars fan. They have more than one hundred star wars action figures. Star wars legos. Lots and lots of Star wars things.

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