Monday, March 12, 2012

E-mail 03/12/2012

Hello Good wonderful family!!
This week has been super eventful. A new companion, being ill the first day, and many miracles.
So Monday we got transfer calls and we found that Elder Mayfield is leaving. We had a sweet lesson with Bro Tom. We read the book of Mormon with him and he was intrigued by the symbology, i.e. iron rod, tree of life, etc.
Tuesday we went around and worked. At the end of the day we biked out to Max's to say bye. They live a ways away. On the way I wasn't watching where I was going(brace yourselves because you're not going to believe this) I ran into a sign. It was a construction sign that had fallen and was covering half the side walk. I knew it was there but I forgot and it was dark out and I was looking down. Next thing I knew I was in the hospital with a few broken bones. Just kidding! The only thing hurt was my pride. My front tire blew. We stood there wondering what to do, when a Pentecostal preacher pulled up and gave us a ride, he had seen the whole thing. He was a really nice guy. He took us to Max's house. His parents gave us a ride home. We told them what just happened and they gave me a brand new bike that was sitting in there shed. It is a nice bike. The Bat-mo-bike has now been retired. This bike is officially my fourth bike.
Wednesday, we had transfer meeting. My new companion is Elder Walker. He is from Upalco, Utah. That is near Vernal. He is my second Utah companion. He has just been trained by my MTC companion. I am his second companion. Elder Walker is really funny. We are having a good time.
Also I found that my district was completely overhauled. Instead of having six Elders in the district, I now have four Elders and four sisters. The other Elders are the Zone leaders. I have never been over either one, so this is a new experience for me. It is really awesome. I have an amazing district.
Thursday we stayed inside all day.
Friday we saw Bro Frank with our Elder's quorum president. It was an awesome lesson. At the end Pres Snow invited him to church. It was a really good day.
Saturday we had something really cool happen. He were late stopping by an investigator, but they couldn't meet so we set another time to stop by. We walked off the porch and saw one of our potentials(potential investigator) walking down the road. We talked with him. He wanted to walk and talk. Our bikes were sitting just behind us and our plans were taking us elsewhere. But Someone came to mind that we could stop by over where he lived, so we walked with him. He was really stressed and needed to talk. He will be back in town the first of April, we will start teaching him then. The person I thought of stopping by was home. He told us that he was thinking about going to bed, but he had the thought to stay up, then we come to the door. It was really cool how all of that worked out so beautifully. I love being a missionary.
Sunday was amazing. Church was awesome! Max, the eight year old that we taught is getting baptized on March thirty first, right before conference. I am so excited for him!
This has been a really awesome week. I love being a missionary! Thank you for being awesome!! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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