Monday, March 26, 2012

E-mail 03/26/2012

Hello gloriously shining happy family!!
What a week it has been! It has been so crazy.
The beginning of the week we went on exchanges with the zone leaders. I stayed in my area. We didn't have the car this week, so we biked everywhere. This zone leader, who is awesome, hadn't ridden a bike in six months. I ran him through the ringer. We biked about ten miles, going up hills, down hills, on flats. He loved it though. We had a good exchange.
We had a tornado, too :) It picked me and my companion up and launched us twenty feet from where we were standing. It was so awesome! Too bad I am just kidding, because that would have been cool. No, we only saw the funnel cloud. It never touched down. When it started hailing we took cover under a church, not ours, but is worked. It was really cool. Then it was gone and we taught a recent convert.
We had something really cool happen. Friday we passed out a card to a guy as we were hurrying along. That evening he called us and we met the next day. We were running way behind in all of our appointments that day, but he waited for us. We set an appointment for the next day. He is really open and receptive. We have to give him to the YSA (Young single adult) missionaries though. Which is alright. It's there stewardship. We can't receive revelation for those out of our stewardship, so we would be just kicking against the pricks. It was really cool how that all played out.
One of the areas nearby had a baptism and we invited one of our investigators to see it. He walked three miles to come see it. Now that's dedication.
Sunday evening our whole district, four companionships, went and chalked the campus. Meaning we took chalk and drew pictures or funny phrases and next to it we wrote It was so much fun. We had some really creative ones. We did the plan of salvation, "modest is hottest," A big tree with family search, "even I can check out from my chair(next to a handicap parking.) They were really funny. We had a good time.
You are all fantastically awesome! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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