Monday, April 2, 2012

E-mail 04/02/2012

Hello Wonderful family of mine!
This last weekend was so amazing! Conference is like Christmas, only better.
Our Saturday was awesome! At ten, 2 eight year olds were baptized. Max the eight year old that we taught the lessons to was baptized by his dad. We were able to help confirm him. It was so awesome! It is really great when you get to see the results of your work. After the baptism we walked around the block waiting for Conference to start. We saw a moving van and we thought "there's an opportunity to serve." We walked up and asked the three sisters if they needed help. They accepted. They had two couches and a arm chair they needed moved. As we were moving the items they said "God answers prayers." It was really cool to be an answer to someones prayer.
We then watched Conference. It was so good. After which we had a picnic with the other missionaries in our district. Today was just really good. We did a lot of good things. And heard a lot of good things.
Emily, the nine year old, is picking a date to be baptized right now. We are really excited for her. She and her mom are going to work really hard to accomplish what they need to so that she can get baptized. She really wants to be baptized. When she said the closing prayer after our lesson she prayed that she would be able to be baptized.
We are working with another lady who is coming back to church. Recently she has caught the Spirit of Elijah. She has big time. After we first talked about it with her, she attended a family history class. After that and a few other events she has become super excited to find her family and do work for them which they cannot now do. She has a lot of family to find, but instead of feeling overwhelmed, she feels energized. She wants to find every single person in her family and do the work for them.
I liked Elder Scott's talk and Elder Wilson's talk. They were both very good. Priesthood was amazing! They didn't really talk a lot about missionary work, but they really hit on priesthood duty. It was really good. I loved it!
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant 

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