Monday, April 9, 2012

E-mail 04/09/2012

Hello gloriously awesome family!!
This week has been so awesome! The Easter bunny hit us hard core. Don't worry I'll take more pictures. ;)
The beginning of the week was funny because after our meal appointment they took us to our next appointment without our asking. We planned to bike out there. It was about three miles from home. Our appointment canceled so we walked home. But it was good because we were able to talk with a few people.
We had interviews this week. They were in our apartments. They inspected them. A few days prior we were talking with our Elder's quorum president and The high priest group leader about the interview. They had a lamp from "a Christmas story" I think, and they tried to convince us to put it in our apartments and see what president and sister Collins would say. We didn't do it and interviews went great.
We taught Emily this last week. We had given her the things that she needs to do in order to be baptized. When we came over she had the chairs all set up, her books ready, and her check list of things to do all ready and filled out, as well as a written report of what she learned as she read. She was super diligent and did everything asked of her. She has a strong desire to be baptized and when she prays she prays. We are working out a day for her to be baptized. It will either be the end of April or the beginning of May. When we meet Wednesday we will finalize a date. We are super excited for her.
We helped Bro Tom clear some trees out of his garden and then we took on the task of cutting down part of a tree. It had vines running all through the branches so we had to go through and cut most of them before we cut off this huge limb. The base of this fine was two inches in diameter. With the vines cut, we sawed through the limb. It fell but the little twisty vines running the through the upper most branches held so we had to carefully put weight on it and snap them lose. Once it was on the ground we quickly cut up the branch and had it all cleaned up. It was a lot of fun. Plus the lesson we had a previous day was really good. One of the home teachers and one of the visiting teachers came with us and the bore sweet testimony which touched his heart. It was really good.
Easter was really awesome. We had dinner with the Andersons. They fed us well. They had an Easter egg hunt. When he announced it he said "we have an egg hunt for Ethen, Jenny, and the Elders." It was fun looking for eggs. I felt like a little kid again, or still. ;) We had a great Easter. We were also able to watch the video the church has made for Easter which is on It goes briefly through the life of the savior, it is really good. It was cool too, because I was reading in the new testament and I read the account in Matthew on the part where he is crucified then rises three days later as the Resurrected Christ.
Thank you for your love and support. May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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