Monday, April 23, 2012

E-mail 04/23/2012

Hello. how are you? I'm good, how are you? I'm doing AWESOME!
What a week. We have been busy, working hard, biking far, and teaching stars.
We have an investigator who was going through a divorce, but now that it's over he said he's going to start coming to church. We are really excited about that. In the very first lesson we had with him we commited him to be baptized a month from then and he accepted. Unfortuneatly the divorce happened, but once he starts coming to church he will shortly thereafter be baptized. It will be awesome.
We had another investigator who is sincere about investigating, but has a hard time making it to church. He wants to come, he just doesn't. We are striving to help him the best we can. He is a really great brother.
Brother Tom read from the Book of Mormon. He understood what he read and had questions for us. I love questions! One question he asked cuaght us off guard becuase we've never been asked it before. The question is "were there baptisms done in the old testiment?" essentially before Christ. By looking only at the old testiment, without modern revelation, it is difficult to answer becuase the old testiment is very vague on that subject. It never out right says "he was baptized." or Whatever prase you like using the word baptism. However there are referances to it. But for me the best thing that shows baptisms occured in the old testiment is not actually in the old testiment, but the new testiment. John the Baptist was baptizing for some time before Jesus Christ started His ministry. As well the peoples general acceptance of it shows that it was a commen practice at the time. If it were not commonly accepted it probably would have the same effect as when the church did away with circumcision, or started preaching to all people not just the Jews. It was a good question.
We had a good week. This ward is awesome! I love being a missionary!
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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