Monday, April 16, 2012

E-mail 04/16/2012

Hello awesome Family!! I love the word awesome by the way.
This week has been amazing! We set a baptism date with Emily. She is getting baptized the twenty eighth of April. Sooner than we expected. We thought it would be in May. The ward has jumped onto it like a load of bricks on a wagon, or something like that. Emily is super excited to get baptized. Both Elder Walker and I get to stay another six weeks so we will be able to see the baptism. So exciting!
We have become increasingly busy. Things are picking up a lot. Almost all of our evenings are full of appointments. The members are very supportive by going with us to the lessons. I love this ward. Our Elder's quorum President is so awesome. He speaks Russian. If we need something, anything, he will help us.
With Bro Tom we watched the Restoration video. He enjoyed it. He really loves hearing sincere testimony. That is how the Spirit touches him the most, I think. During the lesson I told him I had a profile on so he looked it up right than. He thought it was funny how I only had my last name. "like Madana." He and the member we brought said it was good how I had a strong family that loved each other and were willing to hang out with each other. Some families dislike, hate, or loath each other. They won't speak to each other let alone help them. I do have a good family.
Lots of good things happened and are happening. Many miricles. It is awesome!
A few quotes I like before I go. "The differance between a doctor and a lawyer is that one makes you feel better."
"Scriptures should clutter your house."
"Come again when you can't stay so long."
"A happy wife makes for a happy life."
My favorite of the bunch. "Singing one verse of a hymn is like kissing with one lip."
One more, "clip clop clip clop bang, what is it?"
May the Spirit be with you! I love you!
Elder Durrant

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