Monday, April 30, 2012

E-mail 04/30/2012

Hello Stupendous family!!
What a week this has been! It rained, it poured, and Elder Durrant snored.
So the other day as we sat down to plan we saw that we had an empty day. I was ready to fill it full of things around the city. Elder Walker wanted to go out to a tiny town that we covered in the corner of our area. I didn't really want to go there. I was dragging my feet. Finally I agreed so we put down people to see on the way and at the end of the day we would tract in this little town. Many of the people on the way were home so we talked with them and that took more time from tracting. When it came time to go there I noted how we would only have half an hour to tract and that it was a long way to go for such little time. My companion persisted. We got there and picked a road that had houses on it. We got out of the car and two houses were before us. Elder Walker asked "Which house do you feel inspired to knock on first?" Muttering, I said it doesn't matter and walked up to the house on the right. We knocked on the door and a lady came out. We ended up teaching her about How God loves her and about modern prophets. We set a return appointment to come back and teach her more. She said she was very excited to talk with us again. After we said a prayer with her on her doorstep we went back to the car. Closing the door I turned to my companion and said "I've repented. You are right." It was truly a miracle that we talked with her. The Lord wanted us to share the gospel with her.
Now that summer is coming and most of the holidays are over, people that we were having a hard time meeting with before are starting to meet with us. It is all good.
Have you ever thought how exciting it is to see missionaries? When I see other missionaries I get really excited. Our Elder's quorum president's son who is two love missionaries. He talks about them all day. He has his dad sing him missionary songs. When he saw us Sunday, he started jumping up and down and ran over super excited.
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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