Monday, February 14, 2011

E-mail 02/14/2011

Hello Glorious family!
This week has been so awesome! It's like 50 or 60 today! It's so nice out!
We had Zone conference Thursday! they are so fun, we received some awesome training (it's confidential stuff that only special agents of the Lord can know) We got some great chastisement, too. Pres. Collins was practicing role playing on the stand, and he needed help, so he called Elder Clawson and myself up. I was a ten year old boy, so I just really stood there and looked cute., ha ha.
We had a fireside on Sunday, called “Why I believe”, it is where new converts testify to why they wanted to join the church. It is so awesome, they have them once a month. It is great because we can bring new converts, less-actives, and investigators. There they can hear others testimony and strengthen their own.
We have a bunch of investigators in White River, but they are all slow in their progression, it takes people time to change habits of a lifetime. They just haven't experienced a change of heart, it will come though, through the Spirit. We have one investigator who we are weaning off cigarettes. He started at like six per day, and each week we came by, we got him to go down one cigarette per day. This last week he was down to two, we got him to commit to one per day this week. The next step is to quit altogether, he is doing great.
The ward is really starting to trust us more, they are getting more involved, going on splits, giving people rides, feeding us, doing FHE with others. It really helps to have ward support, if the ward doesn't help, we can't do our job effectively. This is a great ward!
We are still going back and forth from White River to Eagle Creek. We are so busy, with both wards. There is one thing that surprised me when I got out here, that is, breaks. I didn't think we got those. We get a total of two hours during the day, weird. I thought we just worked all day. Although some days I really enjoy having a break, other days, it gets in the way, it's good though.
Transfers are next week. I love being a missionary, I love this Mission, and I love all of you!
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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