Monday, February 7, 2011

E-mail 02/07/2011

Hello Wonderfully awesome family!
This week was so much fun! We had one of the biggest ice storms anyone can remember around here. It started Monday night and was off and on all the way to Wednesday. Freezing rain is so weird. it is rain drops but once they hit something they freeze and lay a sheet of ice on everything, the ground, trees, mailboxes, window, everything. Then it was so cold the next day that when it snowed, the molecules didn't combine so the best way to describe it would be, cold beach sand, that is a bit lighter. they looked like little diamonds. It was so awesome! Then it all melted together and made an inch or two thick sheet of ice. It was like one big skating rink. We had so much fun sliding around on it. :) I didn't break any bones.
Because of the weather, and considering the church parking lot was all covered in ice, not to mention it was Superbowl Sunday, church was canceled. I thought it was crazy, too. The mission president said that we missionaries could administer the sacrament to each other. Since we have Sisters in our district we needed to take the sacrament to them. So we picked up a member and went over to the Sister's home, they lived in a members home, so there were eight of us there. We had a mini sacrament meeting. It was a wonderful opportunity. Elder Clawson and I prepared, blessed, and passed it. It was a very cool experience.
We have been blessed to help and assist many people shovel their walk, scrape off their car or get their car out of a rut. We found many people to teach that way. Being a missionary you learn to be bold, have courage, and the guts to walk up to a random person on the street and talk to them, teach them about what you believe and know to be true, and hope they accept what you have to say.
I love being a missionary! Teaching is the best thing in the world to be doing! I love it! I love Indiana! I kinda love the snow. I love...I love...I love a lot of things! But, I really love you! :)
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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