Tuesday, February 22, 2011

E-mail 02/22/2011

Hello superfanfreakentastic family!!
This week was the last week of the transfer. Yesterday we found out who stays and who goes. Elder Aston is going back to Eagle Creek.
We have been so busy, there is always something to do, rarely do we go out tracting, which is good. Tracting is one of the least effective ways to find people.
Sunday, in the middle of church, during gospel essentials, there was a gas leak in the building, so the firefighters came and evacuated the building. That was exciting! They were saying it started in the primary room, but it was throughout the whole building quickly. We had five investigators at church though, and a bunch of less-actives. I didn't even really know who or what less-actives really were until I got out here, now a third to a half of the people we see are less-active, there are so many in White River.
We have some new investigators that are really awesome. One is a 19 year old Roman Catholic that is very interested and his parents will probably follow very shortly. Another family said they were strong Jehovah Witness's but after meeting with them, we are not so sure about that, if they do their reading and pray and watch conference, they will be hooked. I love conference, it brings the Spirit so quick.
Elder Clawson is leaving White River and I am staying to manage the fort. I love elder Clawson he is so awesome! Next week I will have a new companion. And I'm going to love him!
Oh, Mom, someone out here said they put sprite in their meatloaf. When I heard that I thought it was weird, but they said it made it taste good. That reminds me, I think the weirdest thing I have eaten out here is chili with spaghetti noodles in it. apparently everyone out here does that, except one I know of. I have also had lamb, that was good, it came with other African food, which was made by french speaking African members. They are way awesome.
One more thing, David, and Daniel your sign spinning skills are pretty awesome! Elder Clawson likes the one where you spin it above your head. Looking good!
I love you all! I will let you know who my knew companion is next week.
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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