Monday, January 31, 2011

E-mail 01/31/2011

Hello Wonderful family!
This week has been so awesome! for the past couple weeks we have twenty sit-down lessons, which is the missionary goal. We have been doing so much teaching we hardly have time to do anything else. There was one thing that surprised me when I got out here, but makes sense, which is hard to get. Break. We are aloud two hours worth of break, to eat and such. if we have a dinner appointment we get one hour of break. The people out here feed us so much! They are so nice. They receive blessings for doing it, too.
In Eagle creek, the other area, we try to go over there a couple days out of the week, but White River is so busy we have a hard time doing that, we taught a lesson to a college girl and we had members there and they did awesome! She didn't have a chance, Elder Ashton went head on, Elder Clawson went up, and I went down, and the members finished her off. It was an awesome lesson.
It is funny some of the terms used out here like CTC, RPP, P my G, POS. There are a lot more, some of them are really funny.
Last night right after prayer, the Elders shouted bear hug, and they jumped on me and started tickling me, I don't know who of you told them, but I was not amused. :)
We also get to attend two churches, that's six hours of church+meetings, a long, wonderful day :)
I love this area! oh, in this district there are two trio's, Elders and Sisters. It's really funny, and both trio's are working two area's.
I love you!
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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