Monday, January 10, 2011

E-mail 01/10/2011

Hello superfantastic family!!
This week has been so awesome! We had five investigators at church, two have baptismal dates and two more will have one soon.
We found out who was being transferred today. My district leader is leaving. Elder Clawson is staying and he will be the new district leader. I found out where I will be for the next six weeks, I will be......STAYING HERE!!!! I love this area and I am so glad I get to stay a little longer and help people here progress, YEAH!!
I had an experience the other night that reminded me of one of Dad's. We were out walking around, it was almost time to go inside, when a couple guys called us over, they had so many questions, and (this part is what reminded me) I started talking with one and Elder Clawson started talking with the other. I thought it was really cool. We couldn't stay for long so we came back at another time. That other time only one of the guys were there and he had two of his friends with him. They had anti-Mormon literature, so it was hard to teach the lesson because we were trying to resolve their concerns, I didn't realize it, but Elder Clawson said that it was a bible-bash. Hopefully when we meet again they will still be willing to hear what we have to say. It was cool though, because a few years ago, other missionaries helped him move into his house and he said "don't preach to me" so they didn't, they just helped. that really impressed him, so that is why he called us over, plus he had seen missionaries on their bikes rain or shine, So I thought that was really cool, we are reaping seeds sown by other missionaries.
There is a little boy whose older sister we are teaching. He reminds me so much of John. His name is Avery, and he likes, does, and talks, a lot like John. He loves video games.
I am starting to really get into being a missionary, not just having the title. It is really cool to have the spirit guide the lesson and the way you talk to people and asking inspired questions. I love being a missionary!!
I love you all [this much]
and more!
May the spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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