Tuesday, January 18, 2011

E-mail 01/18/2011

Hello Wonderful family!!
This week has been so awesome!!
We have had the opportunity to give many blessings. It is surprising how many people don't know what the are and how they work. It is very intimidating going by the spirit, because you don't want to say something or promise something that is contrary to the will of the Lord. But like what Elder Bednar says "quit worrying about it" So that's that.
This week I have seen how much the Lord provides for us. It snowed so much the other day that the cars were grounded so we hiked around all morning. Then someone called and needed us to give a pre-mature baby a blessing at the hospital. So we took the bus downtown, the first bus though, we didn't have cash so we missed it and had to go get some cash, the next bus we got on. People on buses are so talkative, they will talk about anything. There was a lady who worked at a restaurant that was going close to where we were going. and we didn't know quite how to get there so we were going to walk the rest of the way, but she let us follow her and five minutes later we got onto another bus that took us right where we needed to be, plus she had some food that she had grabbed, which she didn't even want, and we were getting hungry so that was awesome. The baby we gave a blessing to weighed a little over a pound and only two of my fingers fit on her head.
A lot happened this week, this was really awesome, so I shared it, but we are going to Lucas Oil stadium so I have to hurry, sorry.
I love you all!!!!
May the spirit be with you!!!
Elder Durrant

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