Monday, October 17, 2011

E-mail 10/17/2011

Hello wonderfulistic family!!
I love being a missionary! It is so awesome! My companion is so awesome!
This week it got a little chilly, so while I'm bundling up tight, Elder Brezenski is just going around in his suit coat saying I'm crazy and that it's not that cold. He is from Montana. Before that he moved from Alaska. I, on the other hand am from Utah. Before that I moved from Califonia. The conclusion than can be drawn that I am cold, and he is warm.
We are doing a lot of good over in this neck of the woods, literally. We are still teaching Joann, who has a baptism date, all that she needs to do is come to church. She read the book of mormon stories(It is not however called a comic book as I was so told when I called them that. It is a nice comic book though,) She came up with really well thought out questions. For example:What is the deal with the Liahona? Why did the three Nephites need to stay if there were lots of people to share the gospel? What is the deal with Nephi killing Laben? Elder Brezenski answered most of the questions. It made me really happy.
We found a lady, named Sis Sally, whom we are teaching. We are going to take a less-active member over to the appointment with us so that they can share their conversion story and hopefully they will become friends with the person and become active. Both are really nice and we think they will make good friends. Sis Sally goes to church and was baptized, but she doesn't feel connected with the church and she feels her baptism isn't valid becuase she wasn't immersed. Plus she gave us brownies :)
I love this Branch! I am learning so much from the members, the scriptures and my companion.
Thank you all for being so awesome!! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant
I read this today Duet 4:29 

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