Monday, October 31, 2011

E-mail 10/30/2011

Hellooooooooo*cough *cough *gasp family!!
What a wonderful week! We both have bikes now so we can now be mucho grande more productive. I bought mine for ten dollars. It is a sweet bike. I have just decided to call it "The iron horse." Hey, I just made that up. Wait what do you think I should call it? Hey that's a good idea. ok you tell me what you think I should call it and the one I like the best I'll use. How does that sound? I'll even paint or stick or attach in some way that name to my bike. Cool, I'm excited! I can't wait!
Pres. called today and put me in charge of a few other Elders. We'll see how that goes.
I went on exchanges this last week with Elder Clawson, my trainer. It was a fun day. He actually started out in this area. We had a good time, we reminisced about serving together.
We are helping a few people "come unto Christ." Jessica didn't come to church yesterday, but she wants to next Sunday. We are hoping to teach her in a members home. The Branch is very hopeful for her. We are very excited. When Elder Brezenski was on the phone with her I yelled "will you be baptized?" She said "that was out there." Don't worry, we'll get her when we have a lesson with her. ;)
Do you know how awesome it is to have a bike again? You move so much faster. I feel on top of the world.
Thank you! you all are awesome! Phil 4:8 May the spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant
P.S. I heard a new one that I like. In regards to typing. "I'm a biblical finder. I seek and I find."

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