Monday, November 7, 2011

E-mail 11/07/2011

Hello stupendiously awesometastic family!!
In light of my lack of information in regards to everything about my new bike, here is it's most wanted listing. Big and skinny, green skin, blue eyes, runs really fast with a slight limp, carries someone on it's back where ever it goes.
Ok, ok, here is what it looks like. It is green and blue, mountain bike style with no suspension, don't remember what that's called. How about I just send a picture, there we go that's a good idea, yea I'll do that.
This week has been awesome! We had Stake Conference. It is warm. and we are loving it!
At Stake Conference they reorganized the stake presidency. Elder Lynn Robbins and Elder David Cook came and did that. I went to my first(I believe it's my first, unless my memory fails me) adult session of Stake Conference. It was really awesome. The Chicago Temple President was there, the Mission President, and the Stake President. How cool! The three prong mission of the church is to perfect the saints, to redeem the dead, and to proclaim the gospel. Each leader of those efforts was sitting on the stand.
We are teaching someone who's name is Fish. He likes to talk. We brought a member with us and he helped him to understand our message and you could tell he felt the Spirit. How we found him was remarkable as well. We were walking from one appointment to the next, and he was working on the roof of a house. He had come down and was doing something when we walked by. We opened our mouths and started to talk with him. He said we could come by his house later and teach him. He told us that normally he works on the roof all day and if something needs to be done on the ground he sends one of his workers, but that time he came down. Because of that small and simple means we were able to talk with him and come back and teach him.
We were at a members home helping to lay boards for linoleum, when the sister whose floor we were working on came over with a friend and said "who wants to teach him more about the Mormon Church." I looked at my companion and the thought I had was which one of us was going to get up and shout "I will." It is always nice when people come to you to be taught.
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You are an awesome family! Love you! *Hugs and kisses and all that mushy stuff.
May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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