Monday, November 14, 2011

E-mail 11/14/2011

Hello Awesometubulous family!
I love being a missionary! This has been an awesome week! I have done a few things that I have never done before.
I'll start with this one first, for the second one the squeamish better close their ears, The senior couple that is serving here, Elder and Sister Stith, taught me how to knit. Yea, how cool is that! I am knitting a rag right now. obviously it looks spectacular. Don't worry, I'm not getting all girly now. Just because I'm knitting and baking and cooking doesn't mean you can't talk to me, it just means when I get home you'll be able to taste my fabulous food. One of my companions gave me an odometer for my bike. so far I've put fifty miles on it. I love biking!.
Ok, now this is the part where you plug your ears. One of our investigators shot a deer, and I touched it. I touched a dead deer! I thought it was going to bite me or something. Well, they started skinning it. I've never seen an animal skinned in real life. They let me help. I used the knife and skinned part of it off. I tried to convince them to make me a hat out of it, I'm not to sure they will. Ok, I'm done, you can unplug your ears. I also burned a tie. So the conclusion is that Elder Durrant is still not allow to touch a knife or fire, oh snap.
We had our Zone Conference this week. I love Zone Conference! We were educated on health and safety. We were educated to be a sun, not a moon. We were educated on how to set goals. lots of good stuff. You probably want to know what the sun and moon has to do with anything. Good outstanding missionaries are suns. Missionaries who are less diligent are moons. When you put a sun and moon together the light from the sun bounces off the moon and makes it look like a sun, so when you put too moons together, it's really dark. It was a really good conference. We have a very obedient mission.
I taught at District meeting. It was really good. I think so. I am in an awesome district! I have an awesome companion! I love being a missionary!
We are doing much good. We are striving to help people make covenants with God. We are striving to be good missionaries, to build trust with people and truly manifest that we are servants of God. May the Spirit be with you!
Love Elder Durrant

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