Monday, August 6, 2012

E-mail 08/06/2012

Hello Stupendous family!
This week has been crazy! Saturday was super hot and humid, then we had a huge rain storm, now it is cool outside.
We have been teaching a lot of people. Bro Dave was baptized and Confirmed this past week. It was a great baptism. At first we were in the Relief Society room, but we had to move to the Chapel because there were so many people that came. Someone counted, (including children,) seventy-two people. There were many speakers that gave excellent talks. Dave was baptized by his brother-in-law.  He was also confirmed by him the following Sunday. A lot of good things have happened to him since his baptism. His desires to do good have increased, such as reading as a family every night; and his desire for bad has almost disappeared. I don't remember if I told you, but he was able to arrange to have a two hour break on Sunday so that he can come to sacrament meeting. He is an awesome guy. We have fun lessons with him, too.
We taught Bro Tom this week. It was awesome! We started to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but he still doesn't like the Book of Mormon. When I testified of it, he started disputing and bringing up anti like he had done in the past. Normally we just brush most of it off, and tell him he has to read the Book of Mormon for himself; this time the Spirit prompted us that we needed to defend the Book of Mormon and contend righteously with him, so we did. When we were finished, Bro Tom started to say "so, the Bible might be wrong and the Book of Mormon right, or the Book of Mormon might be wrong and the Bible be right, or they might both be right." at this point he had placed the Book of Mormon on top of the Bible, but stopped when he saw our sudden looks of amazement and excitement. "did I just do a no no?" he said. We replied "no, that is fulfilling prophecy what you just did." We both got the same thought at the same time, Ezk thirty-seven: "They shall become one in thine hand." (yea for scripture mastery!) We shared the scripture with him and I showed him my book, how they were "one in my hand." You could tell he was struck by the Spirit. We then promptly prayed and left. It was awesome!
We are starting to teach a young girl as well. We have taught her twice and have had awesome lessons. She loves the Book of Mormon and has set aside a time to read two chapters every night. Once she comes to church and starts making friends there, she will love it even more.
This was a good week. A lot of good things are happening. The ward here is great. The members are awesome. My companion is awesome, too.
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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