Monday, August 20, 2012

E-mail 08/20/2012

Hello AWESOME family!
What a week this has been. It was different from all of our other weeks. It was a good week.
We did a lot of "finding," we had a lot of success. Most of the new people we met with let us in, we taught the Restoration, invited them to be baptized, and they accepted. One day we had to go tracting in the morning, so we biked there, lock our bicycles up and went to the first doo, to start knocking. Before we could knock on the door, the lady came out and we started talking with her. We really taught most of the Restoration on her doorstep and she said we could come back and teach her more. She said she is looking for a church to go to. The best part is we didn't even "tract." :)
Another one we were tracting and this lady was busy and said we could come back that evening. We intended to but Elder Judkins got a flat tire so we had to change our plans. By the way, duct tape is a great temporary fix for a punctured tire, however it is very short term and hard to remove once placed, for future reference. We stopped by to talk with the lady who said we could come back a couple days later, she let us right in and we taught her whole family. Her boyfriend was there, who was prepared to meet with us. He was very opened minded, he had studied with missionaries from another church, and work was very stressful; all of his questions, that he asked, we told him we were about to explain that in the next principle we would teach. It was just like Alma who told the people that he was just about to explain a certain doctrine, it was awesome.
We met with Bro Robert this week and he came to church as well. He told us that he is ready to become a member of the Church. We were very excited. Bro Robert is a very sincere and loving man. The best way to describe him is a big teddy bear. He loves to preach the word of God. He can go on and on. He has also taken on what his wife has been calling us; He started calling us "our sons." Sis Anderson told us she has been trying to figure out for nine years how she would kidnap the missionaries. I just thought how my Mom would come and find me.
Oh yea, I almost forgot; we received transfer calls. Elder Judkins is leaving and I will be staying here. I will be here for the next two transfers, just so you know. Transfer meeting will be Wednesday, so I will let you know next week who my next companion will be.
I love you all! May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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