Monday, August 13, 2012

E-mail 08/13/2012

Hello Fantastic family!
What a busy week this was! We taught a lot of people, we went on two exchanges, and we had a zone conference.
Last Monday we went to the fair. It was a lot of fun. We got a free milk shake. It was nice because it had cooled off so it wasn't as hot as it had been.
Tuesday was funny because we taught people all morning, than in the evening all of our appointments canceled. One which we went to, we were dropped off at. When we went to the door, they weren't home, but our ride had already left and they didn't have a phone so we walked the three miles home. We were able to talk with people on the way home which was good. We turned this potentially ineffective walk into a productive one.
Wednesday I went to Green Castle with Elder Brezenski, the missionary I had trained. We had a good exchange. We were able to teach a nine year old. We taught Obedience by blindfolding them and telling them where to go so they wouldn't run into the table or chair and get safely to the other side. It went awesome.
Thursday we met with someone we call Grandma Alice. It was our first time sitting down with her, because we had to have another man there. We had given her the Restoration DVD to watch. She loved it. In fact she watched it three times. We are meeting with her this evening. It will be great. We invited her to church. At first she declined, but as the member we brought encouraged her to come she decided she would. She ended up not going though because she wasn't feeling well. She is a really nice lady.
Friday we had our Zone Conference and we were trained by Elder Golden. It was a great meeting. President Collins trained us as well. They both talked about our calling as representatives of Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Ghost. Our visions have been raised of what we can accomplish. Elder Golden said it is inconceivable not to have at least a goal to baptize one person each month. We put limitations on ourselves. The Lord can do whatever he wants to do. Our mission has the highest convert retention in the missions in our area. When the Lord trusts us with His children and we show that we are responsible for them, he will bless us with more. Miracles happen.
That evening we taught Vhir and Josie. They are Filipino. We brought someone who spoke Tagalog so they were able to converse with each other. It was a really good lesson. We are going to strive really hard to get them to church.
Saturday we saw a lot of people. We met with Bro Dave and Talked about the Priesthood with him. He loves it. We only brushed the surface of the priesthood. He is doing well.
Sunday we met with Brother Robert in the Evening. He has not gotten an answer that the Book of Mormon is true, but that is because he is not asking a specific enough question. Once he does and recognizes his answer he will know through the Spirit.
This has been a great week. I love serving here. May the Spirit be with you!
Elder Durrant

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