Tuesday, September 4, 2012

E-mail 09/04/2012

Hello wonderful family!
This week has been awesome! We are super busy.
It rained a lot this past week. With the hurricane down south it pushed the much needed rain all the way up here. God answers prayers in mysterious ways. It was also warm and humid. If you can imagine it raining, humidity all around, and very warm, it makes you wet all the way around. If you try to wear a rain coat it just makes you warm, so sometimes it is better to get rained on. I like staying dry. However, I love this weather much more than the cold.
Avery, the nine year I had taught in White River, was baptized this Saturday. It was a really neat experience. He is a funny kid, too.
Bro Robert was interviewed this past week. All's that he is waiting for is permission to be baptized, then he will be ready. He tells us that when it comes to the scriptures he is able to break them down, and understand them, but when it comes to his school books he struggles with them. They both love our visits.
A miracle that happened. We received a referral from a neighboring ward. We called the person and set up an appointment. When we went over, with a member, Julie was there, as well as her boyfriend James. We were able to teach both of them. They don't have much background with church, so we were teaching them very basically about God and Jesus Christ. They both felt the Spirit. We invited them to come to church and they came. They loved it and said they will be coming back. We are meeting with them again Thursday.
I love being a missionary! It is awesome! May the Spirit be with you!

Elder Durrant
Elder Durrant
Avery and Elder Durrant
Avery and Elder Durrant dressed in white

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