Wednesday, December 8, 2010

E-mail 12/08/2010

Hello Family!!
I am doing well, I go to the Dr. on Tuesday, there I will find out what will happen to me next.
By the way my mail box number for here is now #277.
My companion is really good, he is smart and likes to talk. and I like to listen :) It's been a little rough adjusting to a new companion, a new district. We love each other.
I hope to send you pictures soon, there really awesome! ;)
The first presidency devotional was good. I thought it was so funny, Pres. Uctdorf made a Grinch reference.
We have been studying and teaching a lot. It is so cool to feel spiritual impressions. When we taught Duncan we had received an impression to teach him about fasting, that was what he needed, and he embraced it fully. I love it.
It is funny how some of the Elders are real nerdy about movies and songs. Daily, no hourly, no every few minutes someone quotes a movie or song or saying.
Elder Kasenberg has help me learn and grow so much.
My thumb is immobilized, so it is a challenge doing things. try tying your shoes without a thumb. I LOVE THUMBS!!!
The food here is so good that I am gaining weight, I think I'm going to be fat! I gained like .01 lbs the other day......ok ok you got me, maybe Elder Durrant is not getting fat, but the food is good.
I love you!
Oh, I forgot, tell John Happy birthday!
Elder Durrant
Who, Me?

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